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Sperm Quality Analysis System

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Product Description

Spermatozoon quality analysis systemThe spermatozoon quality analysis system has following Characteristics:
1. Systems can be optimized many times, the structure is compact, the performance is stable, the operation is simple, and it is easy to study.
2. Direct-viewing are good, it provides the more direct-viewing vivid observationfor doctor and the patient.
3. High automaticities, intelligent examination. The examination value is accurate; It can filter with the spermatozoon shape different each kind of impurity, guarantees the examination the accuracy.
4. It can diagnose from the experience to the quantification diagnosis significant breakthrough. It is fast, accurate, and it can examine the sperm moves (is static) condition, sperm's velocity of movement and the density objectively. It is demonstrated by the path form, spermatozoon living rate and vigor graduation by histogram and percentage form demonstration.
5. The functions of the software have been greatly strengthened, it can not only carry on the comprehensive examination to the sperm, moreover, each kind of pathogenic microorganism, the blood corpuscle to the abnormal spermatozoon and so on carries on the examination.
6. Formidable databases memories function, the computer may preserve each kind of case of patient and assigns out the printing as necessary, or stores software; It is very convienient for carrying on the clinical summary analysis.
7. Operations functions formidable, with the screen demonstrated counts the function, may repeatedly examine, examines the data result to be more accurate.
8. It can reduce the clinical staff labor intensity, the examination time enormously.
9. It can print reports, attempts the article data direct-viewing to manifest, clear is easy to distinguish.
10. The systems also can make the microorganism examination analysis.

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