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Hebei Zhida Import and Export Co., Ltd.

City: Shijiazhuang

Province/State: Hebei

Country/Region:  China

Electric Oil Burner

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Product Description

A new kind of oil burner working with electrical instead of tealight.
Features of oil burner:
1. The new oil burner can use in the room or in a car.
2. The oil burner ont only make the room fragent but also sterilize.
3. The oil burner is very soon to gve off scent (10 seconds)
4. The voltage of the oil burner is safe to the persons---LOWER THAN 36v. _12.5V.
5. The oil burner has many meterial to satify fifferent clients. (PVC, glass, bronze, ceramics)
6. The oil burner can design a lot of shapes.
7. Some kinds of oil burners have fans in the bottom that make the fragrance to the special things, for example to make the clothes fragrant.
8. Some kind of oil burner is auto control ---- you can set the 5 periord time quantum to open and shut.
9. When the oil is short, it will give out alarm

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