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Zhejiang Reien Industry Company Limited

City: Hangzhou

Province/State: Zhejiang

Country/Region:  China

Coaxial Cable (CE Approved RG59,RG11,RG58)

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Product Description

1. RG series coaxial cable(drop coaxial cable):
RG6, RG6U, RG7, RG7U, RG8, RG8U, RG11, RG11U, RG11A/U, RG13, RG13U, RG13A/U, RG14, RG14U, RG14A/U, RG15, RG15U, RG15/U, RG29, RG29U, RG34, RG34U, RG34B/U, RG54, RG54V/U, RG55, RG55U, RG58, RG58U, RG58A/U, RG58C/U, RG59, RG59U, RG59A/U, RG59B/U, RG62, RG62U, RG62A/U, RG63/U, RG63B/U, RG71, RG71U, RG89, RG89/U, RG122, RG122U, RG133, RG133A/U, RG174, RG174U, RG178, RG178U. RG213, RG213U, RG216, RG216U, RG217, RG217U, RG223, RG223U, RG316, RG316U, RG320, RG320U, RG400, RG400U, . 400, RG413, RG413U, . 413, RG500, RG500U, 500, RG540, RG540U, 540

2. JIS series coaxial cable,
1.5C-2V(1.5C2V), 2.5C-2V(2.5C2V), 3C-2V(3C2V), 5C-2V(5C2V), 7C-2V(7C2V), 10C-2V(10C2V), 1.5D-2V(1.5D2V), 2.5D-2V(2.5D2V), 3D-2V(3D2V), 5D-2V(5D2V), 8D-2V(8D2V), 10D-2V(10D2V), 20D-2V(20D2V), 4D-FB(4DFB), 5D-FB(5DFB), 7D-FB(7DFB), 8D-FB, (8DFB) 10D-FB(10DFB), 12D-FB(12DFB), 4D-FB(4D-FB)

3. Trunk and distribute coaxial cable:
320 series, 412 series, 500 series, 540 series, 625 series, 715 series, 750 Series, 860 series;

4. BT series coaxial cable,
BT3002 16CORE, BT3002 8 CORE

5. KX series coaxial cable,

6. VATC series coaxial cable,
17 VATC, 19 VATC, 20VATC, 21VATC

1) Packing Lengths:
100m/roll, 200m/roll, 305m/roll, 100yard/roll, 200yard/roll, 300yard/roll.
Other lengths available according to client's request;
2) Inner packing: Wooden reel, plastic reel, and paper reel available.
3) Outer packing: Carton box, pull out box, pallet available.
4) Other packing available according to client's request.

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