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Company Information


City: Mumbai

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country/Region:  India

Penis Enlargement Pump Device in India

Place of Origin:Mumbai in India
Model No:Penis Enlargement Pump India
Brand Name:Penis Enlarger Pump India
FOB Price:69-100 USD Mumbai
Other Price Terms:Rs.2900/- includes shipping and handling thru private courier anywhere in India.
Payment Terms:T/T(Bank Transfer),Western Union,PayPal,
Others Payment Terms:Cash/Cheque direct deposit
Minimum Order:Piece/Pieces 1
Delivery Time:3-4 working days in India, 4-5 working days international

Product Description

MegaBuilder Penis Enlargement Pump
First Time in INDIA

MegaBuilder Penis Enlarger has been scientifically tested for 2-3 inches increase in length and about 25 percent thickness. Its more efficient because it creates a continuous and even flow of specifically calibrated negative pressure required to attain best results and is made of high quality durable materials. This PE pump is the BEST in its price value category GUARANTEED.

We at www-MyNoveltyShop-com guarantee the quality and price of all our products.

1) Totally Automatic
2) Dual Adjustable Speeds
3) Light weight and Compact Portable Size
4) Standard 9 inch long tube
5) 7.5 inch tube Circumference
6) Special seal for accurate negative pressure
7) Lengh measuring scale
8) 1 Full Year Warranty

How MegaBuilder Penis Enlarger Works

Using MegaBuilder Penis Enlarger Pump system to improve penile rigidity, erection size, penile enhancement is like body building. Two thirds of your penis is made up of muscle structures known as corpus canvernosum this tissue will grow due to negative pressure applied to the penis. Immediately after using the penis pump mechanism for penile rigidity or enhancement, you will see the result gain in length and thickness in errect state immediately.

The automatic penis enlargement pump is easier to operate, you get an even flow of pressure around the penis and the results are quicker. A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with motorized pump to create negative pressure. As the apparatus creates a suction around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, helping it to become engorged. This penis enlargement pump have also been used in conventional treatment of impotence.

If you're serious about penis enlargement, you need a professional penis enlarger to handle the job. And here is the opportunity to buy MegaBuilder penis enlager pump device in India. You will begin to notice improvements within the first week, and by the 3rd month will really make impressive gains. The most important thing to keep in mind when trying an enlargement routine is to be consistent. It's no different than making yourself go to the gym on a regular basis. If you're 100% dedicated to achieving penis enlargement growth, it will absolutely work and your confidence will show.!"

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