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Marketing and Brand Strategy

The effectiveness of any business consultancy commences with a realization of the problem and designing a realistic solution framework. This is a team endeavor and obligates having those who can in fact deliver top solutions. We are a team of experts who focus on the areas of marketing, exhibition marketing, brand development and strategies to bring superior results.


Go Big, Go Bold, or Go Home

Always access your product, service, and category for new modes to create customer and media interest at launch.

No matter what kind of product you are marketing, its launch will instantly determine the success or the failure of the product. A lot of research is needed for the commercialization of products to generate maximum profits at the initial stage. Product launching at an exhibition requires planning in terms of targeting the customers, sales, distribution, sales force training and development, etc…
This is because it is not just about bringing a product from your production direct to the market, but also about how good you are able to do it, so that the product is visible at the stand presentation, in the right way, at the right place.

New product launch, advertising is valuable only to companies if it creates consumer identification, is differentiated from clutter, and in the long run its success is measured by repeated purchases.

Before launching a new product, companies should do a lot of background research, identify best customer segments, and the best positioning strategy against the competition. Distribution channels and their management also play a key role in success of a product because the product must be made available to the right people who are your target market segment. It is also very important that the firm identify the best marketing mix for the new product, which includes cultural differences, product features, and packaging.

Many things changed today because of the sophistication of customers and technology companies need to have an integrated approach for launching new products. This integration requires companies to create and establish traditional, online as well as social marketing tools at the same time for launching their product when going to a trade fair. Traditional methods still have a massive appeal, these methods are most commonly used for new product launches in retail and manufacturing the importance of trade shows, promotional events, direct mail, advertising, etc.… Online advertising and email marketing are two great options that can be used for product launches and need to be combined when attending an exhibition.

Online advertising through popular channels such as Google Adwords or pay per click service also widely affects the buying behaviour of the customer. In this age of social networking, it would be foolish to overlook websites such as Twitter and Facebook exhibition participations can be spread true modern media and boost the exhibition results, blogs have also found their way in product launches because of their increasing appeal to the masses.
Similarly, online retailing is another great way to influence successful product launch, there are many forms of advertising that can be used for pre-exhibition product launching. Designing and creating custom exhibition booths with a leader image is a strategic starting point to the product launch success.


Find the perfect company to build a professional exhibition stand

Every exhibitor wants to have a nice stand. While this is wonderful to think about, the truth is that before start planning we should hire a contractor.

Hiring the right exhibition stand hire company can sometimes be difficult. There are often many different stories from exhibitors who have hired a company who has not been able to finish the stand on time and they end up losing out the quality of their stand. Cost overruns can happen when the exhibition stand hire company is not a professional company. Hopefully not all contractors are like this. In fact, there are exhibition stand hire companies who are excellent and will be able to prepare exactly what is needed at the price the exhibitor agree. As with anything, make sure to do the research into the contractor to ensure to get value for you investment.

1. First of all ask questions to the contractor relating to their references, how many stands they have built, at what exhibitions.

2. Go online and do a search on Google. The company should appear on results and you can be able to find reviews and any problems with the contractors reported by previous customers.

3. Contact the Better Business Bureau and find out if there have been any complaints against the company. If the company passes through the Better Business Bureau check, they should be professional enough to build a great exhibition stand that will bring results.

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Branding is one of the most crucial details of any business strategy, retail or B2B.
A successful brand plan is essential in more and more competitive markets.